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Info for out-of-town guests



Community Care:

We are so excited to have you joining us in beautiful Durham, NC! We stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community and welcome any and all gender and identity expressions in the fandango. We acknowledge the adaptability of the fandango depending on the place, and know that our Durham, NC fandango will sound and look different than a fandango in Veracruz. We celebrate that the fandango is in constant evolution and respect all experience levels, identities, and backgrounds who participate.


Getting to the Avila Center:

The Avila Center is located 20 minutes North of downtown Durham, and 30 minutes from the Raleigh-Durham airport. There are Ubers and Lyft in Durham, but we will do our best to make sure anyone coming through the airport gets a ride! If you will need a ride from the airport, please be in touch with the Fandango de Durham team.

Meals and Food:

We are working hard to make sure that a majority of meals are covered during the weekend. However, you should plan to cover a few meals on your own. We will have affordable options available through our partnerships with local businesses, or will be cooking for the group in the Avila Center kitchen. You are also welcome to use the kitchen at any time and we can help arrange trips to the grocery store (a quick 5 minute drive) for anyone with special dietary needs.

Shower facilities:

Individual rooms have shared showers in the cabins. Double rooms have a shared shower between two rooms. Linens are provided by the Avila Center.

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